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Mini biography of Christopher Papakaliatis

Christopher Papakaliatis was born in Athens on the 23rd of December 1975. He lived in Crete for a spell, but then moved back to Athens.
Since 1999 he has been writing, directing, starring and been in charge of the music compilation in successful TV series, such as Na me prosexeis, Kleise ta matia, Dyo meres mono, etc.
He is a very experienced theatre actor, starring alongside renowned Greek actress Pemi Zouni in Jean Cocteau’s The Human Voice. Other plays include What the goldfish saw, Shallow Grave and Les Parents terribles, with the latest being Amadeus in 2011.
In 2009, he wrote and co-directed the TV series 4, which received rave reviews.
He makes a cameo appearance in Iannis Smaragdis’ new film God Loves Caviar.
He is currently directing his first feature film If… in Athens, Greece.
Other projects include: Three Wishes, Agigma psyhis, I zoi mas, mia volta..., Vammenos ilios, Ten Little Mitsoi